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Holy Grails for Hair Preservation

You will always hear about the importance of hydrating and moisturizing natural hair, but what about maintaining and protecting those curls. Hair preservation is vital for your natural hair’s health and growth. Many factors can affect and harm your hair like friction from clothing, weather, humidity, and the sun. Hair preservation keeps your hairstyles looking fresh, extends them for a longer period, and preserves the overall health of your hair. Our company strives to provide you with amazing products to keep your hair tucked away and protected during activities like working out and sleeping. Moisturization, proper maintenance, and consistency are key for healthy hair.

Wrap Cap

You’ve just got the perfect silk press! Now how are you going to make it last? Our wrap cap is specially designed to protect straight hair and make your hair wrapping process simple and easy. We all know wrapping straight hair at night can feel like a chore. We have incorporated the traditional wrapping method without all the bobby pins, loose hair, and scarfs slipping off at night. Our wrap cap has two circular combs build into the side with a satin-lined cap to protect your hair from friction at night. It is as easy as three steps.

How to use:

1. Brush all your hair forward.

2. Place the wrap cap onto your head and pull out the circular combs on each side.

3. Then begin twisting the cap in a circular motion until all your hair is tucked away.

Satin Bonnets

Many factors affect our curls, coils, and kinks throughout the day. Bonnets are perfect at keeping your hair and ends tucked away while you sleep. Tossing and turning at night causes friction from moving around on your pillow. This can lead to breakage, hair loss, and spilt ends. Cotton pillowcases are also known to absorb hair moisture. Our bonnets are made with satin and an elastic band to keep them safe and secured on your head. Satin is known to promote less breakage, tangles, and frizz. It allows you to retain moisture, maintain hairstyles, and promotes overall healthier hair.

Boy Bonnets

Bonnets designed just for boys. Boys need to protect their natural hair just as much as women. Our bonnets promote growth, thickness, and help to maintain moisture. They are created with satin and an elastic band for adjustable sizes and protection throughout the day and night. Durags are made only to protect short hair and can feel tight on your head. Boy bonnets cater to all different hair types and lengths. Boy bonnets are designed to protect a vast variety of hairstyles like locs, afros, curls, and braids. You can even customize the bonnet to make it unique just for you.

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