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Introducing the official launch of The Wrap Cap

Atlanta, GA – The key to preserving straight hairstyles is here! Creator and CEO of The Wrap Cap, Amber Green’s highly-anticipate, hair wrapping tool, hit the market earlier this month. Retailing for $30.00 exclusively on, The Wrap Cap is an all-in-one tool for wrapping straight hairstyles.

Countless women have used the wrapping method as a way to preserve a fresh press, flat ironed style, or blow out for decades. A time consuming and often frustrating activity left an opening in the market for the game-changing Wrap Cap. The Wrap Cap takes the guess work and time out of maintaining straight, heat-produced styles. The Wrap Cap can replace the comb, smoothing brush, holding products, bobby pins, duck pins and clamps that are required to train your hair into a protective style overnight. The Wrap Cap also efficiently preserves hair during workouts and is perfect for use during inclement weather.

The patented technology is adaptable to most hair types and streamlines the hair wrapping process in a few easy steps: simply twist the side brushes to extract bristles, place on head, twist in desired direction until hair is completely wrapped (no hair is showing), then retract the bristles to for comfort while
sleeping or participating in other activities.

“I heard from countless friends and family – especially women of color – expressing their frustration and time it takes to care for their straight hair before, during workouts and other times where it’s necessary to wrap your hair,” says Wrap Cap creator and CEO Amber Green. “I felt the same and that’s when I put my creative problem solving to work to create the Wrap Cap. It’s been a decade long labor of love and I am thrilled to share the fruits of my labor to hopefully take the labor out hair wrapping for good.”

The sale of the Wrap Cap is currently online exclusively at, the creative hub of Ms. Green. For any additional inquiries or quotes on the Wrap Cap, please connect with us on social media as follows or directly at

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